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Writing content without a purpose is a waste of time Writing content is not an avant-garde form of marketing as it has been around for quite some time. Blogs, YouTube Videos, Periscope Chats, SnapChat stories, Twitter Posts, Instagram Photos, data sheets, podcasts, short and long form ads are all forms of content. However, the packaging[…]

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Things to Avoid While Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

  Email marketers are on a continuously trying to generate maximum ROI and leads from their email marketing campaigns. With more and more readers viewing emails from smart devices — particularly on mobile — business need to rethink their tactics and tools to reach and engage their smartphone-wielding customers. A good place to begin is[…]

Keeping Pace With Social Media For Your Business, In Real-Time

The general expectation right now requires all businesses to respond to customers in real-time. That’s fine for the big dogs who have the vast personnel and financial resources, but it’s a really high fence for small businesses to jump. There are 3 ways larger companies move at the speed of social and keep pace with their[…]

5 Rules Of Engagement In Content Marketing

In December, GetElastic released insights from one of the industry’s largest and broadest global surveys of consumer views on digital content. They surveyed more than 12,000 consumers across 6 countries to gain a deeper understanding of evolving consumer expectations and how they are fuelling marketers’ challenge. The report, titled “State of Content: Rules of Engagement[…]