Marketers That Don’t Know Their KPI Are In Trouble

Knowing KPI= $$ Are curious to know what happens when you don’t measure? HubSpot and Qualtrics recently published a report that was terrible for those who do not track their marketing performance. And unintentionally gives my theories of the significance of measurement! The study found among other things that 74% of companies that weren’t exceeding revenue goals[…]

Facebook Likes Are Irrelevant

It’s time to choose love or unlike. Full disclosure: I “like” 326 brand pages on Facebook. Further disclosure: I actually don’t like how the majority of those 326 Pages are using Facebook. A passing glance shows that many of these Pages haven’t posted in several months, and much more haven’t made an engaging post much[…]


3 Tips To Effectively Use Social Media

2016 should be a record year for social commerce. More than 59% of marketers believe that social commerce will be the fastest growing trend in the coming year. Leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are producing different eCommerce features to help their users take advantage of this trend. If you run an eCommerce[…]

What You’re Doing Wrong With Email Marketing

Things to Avoid While Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Email marketers are on a continuously trying to generate maximum ROI and leads from their email marketing campaigns.  With more and more readers viewing emails from smart devices — particularly on mobile — business need to rethink their tactics and tools to reach and engage their[…]

3 Ways to Create Engaging Content for Boring Industries

There are specific industries that may be known as dull or ho-hum, however, many of these industries lead our economy in capital growth and demand. Insurance, finance, and telecommunications, for example, have rushed the marketplace with day-to-day products and services that each of us consumes. With such a viable opportunity to target the masses, how[…]


Focus On Engagement, Not The Number Of Followers

These days, consumers are mostly using social media to express themselves and share content that is a direct reflection of their lives at that specific moment. Social platforms are now a tool for making and connecting with friends as well as a source for getting attention. All of this is accomplished through relationships and dialogue[…]