Should my business have a podcast?

Should My Business Have a Podcast?

The times they are a-changing. The abundance of new technologies means that the way a business markets itself has transformed dramatically in the last few years. Livestream video is now everywhere and is one of the top marketing trends of the moment. But what about podcasts? They may not be new, but they are certainly[…]

Podcasting for Marketing Purposes

How To Get Started With Podcasting For Marketing

Thinking about harnessing the power of podcasting for marketing purposes? Here we’ll take you through why podcasting is a fantastic tool to deliver your message and how to get started. Why People Are More Open To Podcasting for Marketing It’s important to understand the reasons why people are becoming more and more receptive to podcasts[…]


Six Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Podcasting

Want to increase your marketing power? If you haven’t considered podcasting yet, NOW IS THE TIME. From advertising, content marketing, to video marketing, there are so many ways you can harness the advantages of what podcasting can do for your business. When used correctly, podcasting can have major benefits for your business. It makes sense[…]

Podcast as a marketing tool

The Benefits of a Podcast as a Marketing Tool

There are very many benefits of a podcast as a marketing tool. Podcasting is a great way to connect with customers, clients or prospects on a personal level. By giving the listener the opportunity to hear a human voice behind your words, the content becomes more immediate and persuasive. Therefore, podcasts can be a key[…]

social media stats

7 Social Media Stats All Marketers Should Know

Keeping track of all the most effective social media techniques can be dizzying. There’s no golden rule or master trick that works across all platforms. Even if there were, it would probably be outdated in a month. Why? Because effectively using social media requires Rubik’s Cube-like logic. There are so many different platforms to keep[…]

social media roi

Are You Missing this Key Driver of Social Media ROI?

Attribution problems are likely the most significant barrier to social media ROI in the market today. The reality is that social media does a great job of starting the conversation, but many times it isn’t the “last” place someone searches before making a purchase. Therefore, there are several sales that social media influenced that go[…]