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7 Social Media Stats All Marketers Should Know

Keeping track of all the most effective social media techniques can be dizzying. There’s no golden rule or master trick that works across all platforms. Even if there were, it would probably be outdated in a month. Why? Because effectively using social media requires Rubik’s Cube-like logic. There are so many different platforms to keep[…]

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Are You Missing this Key Driver of Social Media ROI?

Attribution problems are likely the most significant barrier to social media ROI in the market today. The reality is that social media does a great job of starting the conversation, but many times it isn’t the “last” place someone searches before making a purchase. Therefore, there are several sales that social media influenced that go[…]

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Social Media Influencer Profiles : Angie Schottmuller

Edutainment at its big-80’s-hair best, Angie cleverly translates complex concepts into fun, actionable insights. Recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur as a “Top Online Marketing Expert to Follow,” she’s known for empowering attendees with cutting-edge strategies, free “power tools” (templates, scorecards, code snippets, etc.) and tactical takeaways that’ll catapult your team and marketing to the next[…]

Stay Up-To-Date On Content With Feedly

Feedly is a great marketing tool for viewing and organizing content as well as content curation. With Feedly, you can view feeds from all of your favourite websites, group them into folders based on topics for instance, and even share the content on social med, all in one place. Search for content based on topics,[…]

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Save Time Managing Your Social Media With Buffer

Social media has become an important part of marketing. Most people expect brands to have a social media presence, for instance in order to get news and updates about the brand as well as being able to easily communicate with the brand. But social media takes time and anything that can help with making life[…]

Great Content And Social Media Insight With BuzzSumo

There are lots of tools out there that are designed to help digital marketers get insight into what works when it comes to content marketing and social media. One of those tools is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo gives you insight into what content is working and the influencers that are amplifying the content. More specifically, with this[…]

Facebook Likes Are Irrelevant

It’s time to choose love or unlike. Full disclosure: I “like” 326 brand pages on Facebook. Further disclosure: I actually don’t like how the majority of those 326 Pages are using Facebook. A passing glance shows that many of these Pages haven’t posted in several months, and much more haven’t made an engaging post much[…]


3 Tips To Effectively Use Social Media

2016 should be a record year for social commerce. More than 59% of marketers believe that social commerce will be the fastest growing trend in the coming year. Leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are producing different eCommerce features to help their users take advantage of this trend. If you run an eCommerce[…]