Six Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Podcasting

PodcastingWant to increase your marketing power? If you haven’t considered podcasting yet, NOW IS THE TIME.

From advertising, content marketing, to video marketing, there are so many ways you can harness the advantages of what podcasting can do for your business. When used correctly, podcasting can have major benefits for your business. It makes sense then that many marketing professionals are starting to incorporate podcasting into their overall strategies.

Podcasting 101

For those who are unfamiliar with the tool, Podcasts are digital media files which feature an audio (and sometimes video) recording that is usually produced in a series. Podcasts can be used to create a kind of on-demand radio show about their business, services or other related information that a customer may want to know about.

Six Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Podcasting

When it comes to using podcasts as a part of your marketing strategy, there are some advantages that you will receive. These include:

  1. Brand Exposure – Podcasts give you the opportunity to share your advice on certain topics and niches. Creating a podcast about your brand allows you to highlight your company’s expertise, services, and skills in your industry. Hire a writer and invite in an expert podcast speaker and your business can record and promote the podcast effectively while selling your knowledge to a new kind of target audience.
  2. Hidden Conversations – Another great way that podcasting works as a new marketing tool is that you can disguise what may be a promotional copy as a genuine conversation. This can be very beneficial for those who don’t want their advertising to sound like a promotional copy. Podcasts tend to feel more intimate and are a less obvious way of promoting your company. Plus podcasts can reach an audience who don’t want to be promoted to or preached at by a business.
  3. Ease of Distribution – There are many websites on the internet where you can distribute your podcast including iTunes and Depending on your business’s website you may also be able to place it on your own site as an easily downloadable audio file. It’s important when advertising your podcast that you offer it for free or at a very low cost. Many people don’t really want to pay to listen to a podcast unless it’s really useful. This is why creating free podcasts can really enhance your business’s brand as everyone likes free items.
  4. Advertising Potential – If you create a podcast which is engaging and interesting, your consumers will want to listen to it right to the end. This allows you to place small, short advertisements within the podcast like product or service recommendations. You can utilize this to market your own products or those of a third party which can be a great way to generate more revenue through commercial advertising.
  5. Reach A New Audience – The use of incorporating a podcast into your marketing strategy also brings in another advantage, it can target a new kind of audience. Sometimes you’ll find that podcast listeners like to gain information through their podcasts rather than having to sit and read large pieces of content. By using podcast marketing along with your other marketing plans, you can generate a larger target audience which can increase overall leads and revenue. This can be beneficial to increasing your fanbase.
  6. Brand Loyalty – Podcasts can build brand loyalty and advocates. When listeners regularly tune into your podcasts, they build loyalty to you by knowing you will offer them something they need. This can lead to advocating for your business when someone asks or says negative things about your business. This can be beneficial down the line as the more loyalty you build, the more your brand name will grow through word of mouth.

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